Our Philosophy

Pixels & Verbs believes in providing high value for your consulting/contracting dollar. We’ve used consultants ourselves and can’t stand being billed for little or no results.

We like working closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met. Your level of involvement directly impacts the quality of the finished product. The more you’re involved, the better able we are able to understand and meet your needs. We won’t be shy about offering our opinions, and appreciate open-mindedness. We’re not resistant to change and hope you aren’t either; after all, growth is optional, but change is inevitable and, for the most part, a good thing.

We can work remotely or, depending on your project, at your site. We can also use your software tools to produce materials or we can use our own.

We also work hard to stay involved in our local community, giving back in as many ways as we can so that others can grow and thrive.